What we do

The Public Fundraising Association (PFRA) works with councils to manage street and door-to-door (F2F) fundraising.

We are the membership body for charities and agencies carrying out street and doorstep Direct Debit fundraising.

We work with councils to set up co-regulatory voluntary agreements. Click on the following links to see how PFRA can help your local authority.

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If you have a complaint

Local Authorities:
Councils wishing to report a breach of their Site Management Agreement should contact the PFRA directly on 020 7401 8452.

Members of the Public:
All complaints from members of the public should, in the first instance, be directed to the charity concerned. A full list of charities working in the UK can be found using the following links:

Search for Charities in England & Wales

Charities in Scotland: 

Charities in Northern Ireland: 

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However, if the charity is unable to satisfy your complaint, then the issue should be raised with the FRSB (Fundraising Standards Board)  – the body responsible for adjudicating charity related complaints across the whole of the UK.

Click here for their details: http://www.frsb.org.uk/complaints/

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