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Face-to-face fundraising (F2F)

Face-to-face fundraising – or ‘F2F’ as it is known in the fundraising profession – is one of the most cost-effective and successful ways for charities to find new donors to support their causes. F2F fundraising is characterised by a fundraiser asking someone to make a regular donation to charity. This is usually done on the street or by visiting households.

F2F has been particularly resilient during the recession. Over the past two years, PFRA members have reported a growth in the total number of F2F sign-ups and some charities report that it is the only ‘donor recruitment’ method that works for them.

In 2008/09, PFRA members companies recruited 740,000 new charity donors, 625,000 new Direct Debits were signed in 2009/10, and 730,000 in 2010-11.